Friday, April 23, 2010

What We Offer

360°ERP’s Enterprise Solutions will give real-time visibility across an entire enterprise, so that one can measure and improve business processes, reduce costs and cycle times, get more productivity, profitability and eliminate bottlenecks. 360°ERP has expertise in offering business solutions using comprehensive software and services that can address the customer’s unique needs. Exposure to various industry segments have helped clients achieve results that they look for. innovation will be our hallmark. Our creative teams coupled with low overheads will translate into effective ROI for clients.
360°ERP is the bundle enterprise software (integrated environment) with modules like
  • ü  e-financial management
  • ü  e-human resource
  • ü  e-supply chain
  • ü  e-customer relationship
  • ü  e-tendering
  • ü  e-procurement
  • ü  e-quality management
  • ü  e- IT management
  • ü  e-knowledge management
  • ü  e-business intelligence
  • ü  e-costing and,
  • ü  e-plant system integration.

360°ERP system includes the work flow base navigation , 360° ERP interface with the various devices like RFID , Auto Attendance system , Barcode, PDA’s , smart card , Process control machine, ATM’s etc. We 360° ERP offers solution which is platform independent on the client side, web base (eliminates place & time barrier), SMS & e-mail alerts & includes the source codes of customised modules.

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